Private Family Living Asset Protection Trusts
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FAMILY LIVING provides solutions for private asset protection, easy management, and flexible benefits. The standard Living Revocable Family Trust does nothing during your lifetime, but waits to take effect after death, leaving you unprotected during your lifetime.

The Private Asset Trust Plan protects you immediately, and continues to privately protect managers, beneficiaries, finances, business, and family (before AND after death).

The Private Asset Trust Plan also creates new powers, new safety, new benefits, new flexibility, and new privacy, at a reasonable expense that makes sense. There are also modification powers.

We provide examples, but you control "Who, What, When, Where, and How" and the benefits.

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Seniors, Children from prior marriages, Grandchildren, Business owners, Medically impaired, Investors, Best friends, Homeowners, Partners.
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Trusts can be created for many reasons. Better than a Will. Better than a Partnership Agreement. Better than court supervision. Better than negotiations and demands by family members and their attorneys.

Trust types include Dynasty Trusts, Living Revocable Family Trusts, Guardianships, Insurance Trusts, Prenuptial Asset Trusts, Domestic Partnership arrangements, Spendthrift Trusts, Pet Care, Education Trusts, Generation Skipping Trusts, Public Benefit Trusts, Private Endowments, Charitable Foundations, Multi-generation Trusts, Legacy Trusts, and more than 60 others.

You select options to reduce medical financial costs, provide for troubled members of the family, eliminate worry from lawsuits, get retirement safety, plan for assisted living, maintain a business, get investment security, reduce financial disputes, modify provisions, AND regain your privacy!

Trusts can provide for your selection of beneficiaries, while eliminating the disinherited. You can also acquire privacy for all individuals, transactions, and ownership of assets. A trust is the best way to provide for friends, family, and assist children to become mature enough to make important choices in life.

You can protect real estate, business investments, receivables, inventory, hobbies and collectables, settlements, jewelry, inheritance, vehicles, the family business, judgments, partnership assets, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, insurance proceeds, patents, notes, retirement accounts, and almost any item of value.

The Private Asset Trust Plan includes Medical Power of Attorney forms, Wills, Statement of Wishes, business agreements, charts, graphs, transfers, documents, Private Trust Registry, and our Library of personalized planning forms.

Our website and the USA Trustee support team train and assist each trustee, beneficiary, family member, and your designated associates. We keep you informed about laws, taxes, and attacks on privacy. We explain options and methods to make distributions based upon specific conditions or lifestyle. We help children as they grow, to understand the estate plan, and eventually provide for their own families. We support you as you guide your beneficiaries and exercise your powers. We assist you to create and maintain responsibility, loyalty, honesty, and maturity.

We answer questions such as:

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  9. How best to disinherit relatives or limit their attacks?
  10. How do I do delayed gifts?
  11. How do I protect my investments?
  12. How do I protect my retirement funds?
  13. What is a "Trust for the Second Marriage"?
  14. How do I get privacy and protect my medical care?
  15. How do I protect and provide for my family?
  16. How do I provide care for my pets?
  17. How can I donate real property to charity?
  18. How do I retain a "life estate"?
  19. What about private business documents?
  20. When and how should I give money to the estate?
  21. How can I provide for kids from the first marriage?
  22. How do I give the remainder to charity?
  23. What about long term medical care?
  24. How do I make charitable donations?
  25. How do we provide a "trust for pet care"?
  26. Why do a "Generation Skipping Trust"?
  27. How do I donate real estate and keep it my residence?
  28. What is the best kind of "insurance beneficiary trust"?
  29. What about donating my stock to a charity?
  30. What about cash gifts to children, friends, or charity?
  31. How do I create a "charitable remainder trust"?
  32. Is there a way to protect "future" assets with a trust?
  33. What is the "Trustee Power of Appointment"?
  34. What is the purpose of an "ABC Trust Plan"?  Verified Official Seal of the Trust Registry
  35. Why would anyone wait to create a "trust upon death"?
  36. When is there an "Appointment of Successor Trustee"?
  37. When should I name "remainder beneficiaries"?
  38. What is the law of situs?
  39. What is the best? Single trustees (one-at-a-time) or co-trustees?
  40. What is a "protector"?
  41. What are the costs and fees?
  42. What are C corporations, S corps, Crummy Uni-trust, Executor, Foundations, 501c3 Organizations, Unincorporated Business Organization, LLCs, Nevada Family Limited Partnerships, Charter Trusts, Nevada Family Limited Partnerships?
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